There really isn’t a need for any more blogs in the world. There are people who are smarter and better at writing than I who write and publish on a daily basis. Why add my voice to the cacophony? This is almost entirely an act of self-gratification–I like to write and think. I don’t really expect anyone to follow what I write closely, aside from a few close friends and family members (although admittedly I have some hope that potential employers might look it over if they do a web search on me). Mostly I want to commit myself to a project that demands I write semi-regularly, because as anyone who writes knows, getting yourself to write is hard.

So I’m creating a space for myself to work out new ideas in a disciplined way, and to hone the craft of putting stray thoughts into words. The bulk of what I’ll write about is politics: thoughts on day-to-day events and public policy-type stuff but also political philosophy, which is another one of my great interests. I’m also into history and good fiction so material on that may make its way on here at some point.

That’s probably enough writing about myself and writing about what I want to write about. I suppose blogs are supposed to have names and identifiable design and other cool things but that will come later for me. To those few who read anything I have to say, thank you. Please let me know if you have thoughts or criticism of my work! To those who don’t read, I do not blame you whatsoever. Were I in your shoes, I probably wouldn’t either.

Kenyon College '21 Political Science major; co-Editor in Chief of The Kenyon Observer